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Founded by Sam Potts, Joe Swift and Dan Nation in 2008 on a £2000 credit card, RARA’s fortunes have taken a few twists and turns since then and today houses a diverse group of people including architects, builders, carpenters, screen printers, artists, 3d modellers and jewellery designers.

‘Welcome to the era of total freedom, the antithesis of the 9-5. A platform to individual design practice with a collaborative atmosphere.’ That was the idea and it continues today.


Sadly Sam has since passed away, he was a great man and a dear friend whose optimistic and energetic outlook and will not be forgotten. You can read more about his thoughts on RARA here

The Redundant Architects Recreation Association (R.A.R.A) is a co-operative workspace, workshop and creative collective based in Clapton, E59ND

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