The Mill

A high speed, low budget project to transform a redundant library into a series of flexible spaces managed by its surrounding community. Completed 2011.

The brief was designed by a committee of local volunteers. Each volunteer represented a group with distinct and different requirements not currently catered for in the area. Film screenings, a kids area, a seasonal gallery, homework space and a neutral place to shelter – The Mill caters for these activities and more.

RARA got involved by attending an open day, and call for volunteers, and recruited 7 architects and designers from around Europe to get the project on its feet. In the call for recruits RARA offered free accommodation (and heavenly RARA Ale) in return for three months designing and building – it was answered by over 200 applicants.

The Redundant Architects Recreation Association (R.A.R.A) is a co-operative workspace, workshop and creative collective based in Clapton, E59ND

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