Booking system invite links

Turns out new people have to be invited to join the new skedda booking system, apologies for those that were trying to make bookings. You can join here: (please make sure you select the right one)

MEETING - Thursday 6th JAN 18:00

Reg was incredibly late. Apologies to all, safe to say that won't happen again.

Did intros, had there been more time wanted to get people to write little profiles of themselves which we can add pictures to and put up on the notice board upstairs, plenty of people have said they struggle to know who's who etc. Can do this at Feb meeting.

Still not got to 50% of members completing the survey shared a number of times, eager to reach at least this before sharing results. Please complete here:

Ran through everything thats going on with refurbishment happening more or less in all parts of the building, suggested a list is made available of what people could help out with, will share this soon! One major thing which is basically always there to be done is painting, Dave and others keen to do some, main areas probably around kitchen upstairs, upstairs loo (this will at some point be tiled but only up to dado height), big empty wall in workshop (keen to get this done before ducting goes up) Will get Dave to suggest a weekend date for this and can make sure paint and sundries are available for it.

I may also add to the booking system details of what I'm doing each day so people can get involved if they wish.

Re booking system, was raised that people have been having issues signing up, invite links required (see above). 


That said lots of people still not booking even when they have been signed up for some time. Of the sessions in both workshop and ceramics this week probably less than a quarter have actually been booked. This needs to happen, if you're using the workshop or ceramics facilities you must be booked in. While it has been quiet over recent weeks and you come in and see the workshop is empty, it may feel a bit pointless booking in but we are trying to gather data from the booking system about what gets used, when and by who, this will be totally useless if people regularly don't book!

Similarly in order to ensure the workshop stays safe and tidy for everyone and I can spend my time on other things a checklist has been put up in the workshop for all users to follow. Please follow it. I will talk everyone through it when I see them in the workshop to make sure people know how.

Update on the restructuring is basically that there is no update, things remain with the accountant. A solicitor has been found who will assist with the process and advise from then on. There are some questions over the CIC structure arising due to both cancellation of registration being ruled out and also by the offer of some money from a personal friend in order to stabilise the financial position of RARA and by extension myself. This would come with requirement of it being structured as a standard limited company. All of this however still a bit up in the air.


Discussion of how people can get involved; discussion of various things, may include ideas on doc of practical improvement jobs. Major one has always been events, suggested arranging a specific meeting for this. Will hold on this coming Wednesday at 6PM. 

We're going to return to the old system of the monthly meeting being the first Wednesday of the month, every month so everyone knows when it is and theres no need to doodle etc. So...


THIS COMING WEDNESDAY 12th @ 6PM; meeting r.e. organising events


Name: RARA wifi

Password: GrosvenorE59ND

Printer (upstairs)

On wifi, name: D Unit

Bluetooth speakers (upstairs)

Name: B425BL

Key: 012345