RARA Graduate Residencies

The Redundant Architects Recreation Association (R.A.R.A.) was created by, and for, people leaving formal education or practice amidst hostile economic conditions. A space for continued creative development, exploration and learning. 


In order to extend access to our facilities we are offering up to three residencies, each lasting between six and twelve months, and inviting recent graduates looking to develop freelance careers in architecture, design and making to apply.


Successful applicants will receive a free desk space and 24/7 access to RARA’s facilities including wood workshop, casting, ceramics, textiles, laser cutting, 3D-printing and more. You will have the opportunity to benefit from collaboration with existing members, alongside assistance, advice and professional contacts.


We don’t intend to prescribe a theme, focus or particular outcome. The space will be yours to experiment in and establish yourself as a freelance creative practitioner. 


All we ask is that you either;


  1. Organize some form of public event at least twice a quarter which serves to share skills, knowledge, build understanding, raise awareness of causes or issues, or simply to extend access to our creative facilities.

  2. Develop some form of lasting connection between yourself, RARA and existing local community groups and organizations.

  3. Make some lasting intervention to the space or organisation of RARA be this an installation, artwork, improvement to our outdoor space, build some bespoke furniture or lighting, build or donate some useful kit, launch a RARA shop, redo our website or something else.

  4. Some combination of the above or your own proposal.


This contribution to the RARA community, along with the resident's ongoing requirement for their place, will be reviewed after 6 months with the expectation being all successful applicants will complete the year.


Please send details about yourself and how you feel you could make use of this opportunity along with some form of portfolio (this can be an instagram account) to info@R-A-R-A.com


The deadline for submissions is the 27th of July with a decision announced on the 1st of August. Successful applicants will be able to start at RARA from the 1st of September. 


RARA aims to provide a space for under-represented groups and working class practitioners, so please do include any and all information you think may be relevant to our decision.

If you have any questions relating to this opportunity please feel free to email info@R-A-R-A.com and if you would like to have a look around and discuss this in person please arrange a visit here

 PDF Residency doc.